5 Do’s and Don’ts when Printing Business Cards

Pay Attention to Fonts

Don’t get too creative with the fonts. Stick to one or two fonts at most on any business card. It’s tempting to get creative with the fonts but don’t do it. It’s best to just use the most generic faults, such as Times New Roman or Arial, which are very easy to read and print clearly.

Be Smart About Colour

Use colors from a similar colour family. Try not to mix warm with cool colors. If you use pastel colours, stick with those throughout. Use colour for the background or logo, but if you do make sure there is good contrast.

Don’t Use Flimsy Paper

This is fairly self-explanatory. Using cheap paper stock is counterproductive. People will not be impressed by your cards as you hand them out. It’s tempting to try to save money by skimping on this but you may as well not print business cards at all. It usually does not cost much more to use quality paper stock.

Avoid Information Overload

While it’s tempting to include everything under the sun on your business cards, that’s actually not a good idea. Keep it clean and simple. If you want or need to include more information on your business cards, consider folded business cards instead.

Make Them Special

Although it’s hard not to get too creative when you’re trying to keep your business cards easy to read and not too busy, there are a few ways to customise them. Add rounded corners to the cards, to make them stand out a bit. Another way to change them up is to use die-cuts, but don’t forget standard size cards are the professional standard.


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