Here’s What 10 Of The Internet’s Biggest Sites Looked Like 15 Years Ago

If you’ve never heard of the Wayback Machine, it’s essentially a “time machine” created by to take you back to different points in Internet history. It’s also a great time waster — you’ve been warned.

I put together a list of 10 major websites and went back 15 years. A few of them didn’t exist that long ago, so I grabbed the earliest snapshots that were available. Talk about Throwback Thursday, right? I guess I’m on a nostalgia kick this week.

Alta Vista – 1998

Alta Vista in 1998

Apple – 1997

Apple in 1997

ESPN – 1999

ESPN in 1999

Expedia – 1999

Expedia in 1999

Google – 1998

Google in 1998

Microsoft – 1999

Microsoft in 1999

MSN – 2002

MSN in 2002

White House – 1997

White House in 1997

Wikipedia – 2001

Wikipedia in 2001

Yahoo – 1998

Yahoo in 1998

If  you want to go way back on other sites, head over to the Wayback Machine. Be sure to let us know of any great ones you come up with

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