Spraytan Designs

Spraytan Business Card Design and Print
We specialise in designing, printing and web design for spraytan companies. Companies we have designed or printed for include Pure Envy, Faux Spraytans, Black Magic, Beauty and the Bronzed and much more. Having worked with many spraytanners and their salons we know what works and does not work. We know what is required for you to reach your desired target markets.

Below you can see some of the work we have completed for spraytan companies around Australia.

Sunless Secrets Logo DesignSpraytan A-Frame Sign Glamourati Spraytans Logo Design
Black Magic Spraytans DL FlyerSpraytan Brochure Design
Spraytan Flyer Printing
Flyer Print Spraytans

We design and print for any of your spray tan companies needs including:
Business Cards, Flyers, Brochures, Fridge Magnets, Invoice Books, Letterheads and more.

We also specialise in web design for spray tan companies. We can set up your website so you have online booking forms, sell products/services online. Anything you can think of is a possibillity.

Contact us today for more information info@viadesign.com.au